Our approach to elections


OCT 4, 2022

Since 2016, we’ve tripled the size of our teams working on safety and security to include more than 40,000 people around the world, and we’ve significantly increased our efforts during election seasons.

Preventing interference

  • We stop millions of fake accounts every day before they are even created.

  • Our security teams investigate and take down coordinated networks of accounts, Pages, and groups that try to manipulate public debate.

  • We partner with governments, law enforcement agencies, nonprofits, civil rights groups, and other tech companies to stop emerging threats.

Fighting misinformation

  • We work with more than 80 partners across 60 languages to fact-check what people post and provide context on misleading content.

  • We remove content that attempts to interfere with voting, such as incorrect voting information, and we remove calls for electoral violence.

  • We reduce the distribution of false news about elections so fewer people see it.

Increasing transparency

  • We require all political advertisers to verify their identify through an authorization process before they can buy ads.

  • We add “Paid for by” disclaimers to political and issue ads, and provide the owner and locations for political Pages and Groups.

  • We provide an Ads Library—a searchable database of all political and issue ads from the last 7 years—so you can see exactly what candidates are saying, who they’re targeting, and who paid for it.

Empowering people to vote

  • We run campaigns ahead of elections across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to connect people with information about voting.

  • For the US 2020 elections, we worked with state election officials and nonpartisan organizations to provide accurate and authoritative updates in the Voting Information Center.