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Content Borderline to the Community Standards

What: Categories developed specifically to capture types of content that are not prohibited by our Community Standards but that come close to the lines drawn by those policies, including but not limited to:

  • Borderline Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity:Content, including links to landing pages, that comes close to but does not cross the line of our Adult Nudity or Sexual Activity policies. For example, an image of a person posing in a sexually suggestive way, where the image focuses on the person's butt or cleavage, and the person is wearing minimal clothing, which does not violate our Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity policy.

  • Borderline Violence & Graphic Content: Content that comes close to but does not cross the line of our Violence & Graphic Content policies. For example, content that depicts gory or graphic imagery of some kind, for example bloody imagery of humans or animals, fictional violence, or unhealed wounds, which does not violate our Violence and Graphic Content Policies.

  • Content that does not violate our COVID-19 or vaccine policies, but which shares misleading or sensationalized information about vaccines in a way that would be likely to discourage vaccinations.

  • Content posted by Groups and Pages associated with (but not representing) Violence-Inducing Conspiracy Networks, like QAnon.

  • Content posted to Groups where we predict the content is likely to be selling or offering services that are prohibited by our Regulated Goods Community Standards.

Why: Some types of content, although they do not violate the letter of our Community Standards, are sensationalist or provocative and can bring down the overall quality of discourse on our platform, especially because people have frequently told us that they do not like encountering these forms of content.