Oversight Board Selects a PAO on Facebook’s Cross-Check Policies


NOV 3, 2021

Today, the Oversight Board announced the selection of a case referred by Facebook that is a policy advisory opinion regarding how we can continue to improve our cross-check system.

Background information about our cross-check system can be found in our Transparency Center.

In this policy advisory opinion referral, Facebook is asking for guidance on the following questions:

  • Because of the complexities of content moderation at scale, how should Facebook balance its desire to fairly and objectively apply our Community Standards with our need for flexibility, nuance, and context-specific decisions within cross-check?

  • What improvements should Facebook make to how we govern our Early Response (“ER”) Secondary Review cross-check system to fairly enforce our Community Standards while minimizing the potential for over-enforcement, retaining business flexibility, and promoting transparency in the review process?

  • What criteria should Facebook use to determine who is included in ER Secondary Review and prioritized as one of many factors by our cross-check ranker in order.

Once the board has finished deliberating, we will consider and publicly respond to its recommendations within 30 days, and will update this post accordingly. Please see the board’s website for the recommendations when they issue them.