Restricting accounts


OCT 4, 2022

For most violations, your first strike will result in a warning with no further restrictions. If Meta removes additional posts that go against the Facebook Community Standards or Instagram Community Guidelines in the future, we’ll apply additional strikes to your account, and you may lose access to some features for set periods of time.

These restrictions apply to Facebook accounts, but they may also be extended to Pages that are used to speak in the singular voice of an individual. (Note that while we count strikes on both Facebook and Instagram, these restrictions only apply to Facebook accounts.)

For most violations on Facebook, strikes will lead to the following restrictions:

  • One strike: Warning and no further restrictions.

  • 2 strikes: One-day restriction from creating content, such as posting, commenting, using Facebook Live or creating a Page.

  • 3 strikes: 3-day restriction from creating content.

  • 4 strikes: 7-day restriction from creating content.

  • 5 or more strikes: 30-day restriction from creating content.

If content you posted goes against our more severe policies, such as our policy on dangerous individuals and organizations, you may receive additional, longer restrictions from certain features, on top of the standard restrictions above. For example, you may be restricted from creating ads for set periods of time, starting on your first violation.

We’ll notify you when a removal results in strikes or restrictions to your account, Page or group. You can see your history of violations, some restrictions your account might have and how long they'll last in your Account Status on Facebook and Instagram.

Pages and groups on Facebook that repeatedly violate our policies may be removed from recommendations and have their distribution reduced. Pages may also be restricted from certain monetization features, and groups may be required to have the admin approve posts. If you manage a Page or group, you can find information about violations and restrictions by looking at Page Quality or Group Quality.

When there is civil unrest, we may also restrict accounts by public figures for longer periods of time when they incite or praise ongoing violence. We’ll determine the restriction period after assessing the severity of the violation, the account’s history of past violations and the overall risk to public safety.

We sometimes make mistakes. If we removed a post that in fact did not go against our Community Standards or Community Guidelines, we'll put the post back on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll also remove the strike and restriction so that it won't count against you in the future.