Oversight Board Selects a Case About a Video Showing the Aftermath of an Attack on a Church in Nigeria


DEC 14, 2022

Today, the Oversight Board selected a case based on a user appeal that centers on a video purporting to have been filmed shortly after a mass shooting in a church in Nigeria. The video shows motionless, bloodied bodies coupled with the sounds of wailing and screaming in the background.

Initially, Meta’s systems placed a warning screen on the video to mark it as disturbing. The user later added a caption to the post with several hashtags. We subsequently removed the content for violating our policy on Violent and Graphic Content, as laid out in our Instagram Community Guidelines and Facebook Community Standards. Meta’s policies prohibit any content that “glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others.”

We will implement the board’s decision once it has finished deliberating, and we will update this post accordingly. Please see the board’s website for the decision when they issue it.

Case decision

We welcome the Oversight Board’s decision today on this case. The board overturned Meta’s original decision to remove the content from the platform. Meta has acted to comply with the board’s decision immediately and this content has been reinstated with a warning screen.

In accordance with the bylaws, we will also initiate a review of identical content with parallel context. If we determine that we have the technical and operational capacity to take action on that content as well, we will do so promptly. For more information, please see our Newsroom post about how we implement the board’s decisions.

After conducting a review of the recommendations provided by the board in addition to their decision, we will update this page.