Reviewing high-visibility content accurately


JUN 23, 2021

Facebook’s review teams are trained to ensure that their content decisions are accurate and consistent, based on the policies outlined in the Facebook Community Standards or Instagram Community Guidelines. This is especially important when people widely share potentially violating content on Facebook or Instagram, and we endeavor to make the right decision on this content due to the number of people who could see it.

In these instances, we may employ additional reviews for high-visibility content that may violate our policies—for example, reporting from a war zone with graphic imagery that a closely-followed news source shares. This process, which we refer to as cross-check, means that our review teams will assess this content multiple times.

These additional reviews are a supplemental safeguard to ensure we’re accurately taking action on potentially violating content that more people see. It also helps us verify that when content violates our policies, including from public figures or popular Pages, we consistently remove it.