How stakeholder engagement helps us develop the Facebook Community Standards


JAN 18, 2023

Gathering input from stakeholders is an important part of how Meta develops the Facebook Community Standards and Instagram Community Guidelines. We want our policies to be based on feedback from both community representatives and a broad spectrum of people on Facebook and Instagram, and we want to learn from and incorporate the advice of experts.

Content Policy is the team that writes the policies for what people are allowed to share on Facebook and Instagram. To open up the policy development process and gather outside views on our policies, we created the Stakeholder Engagement team, a sub-team that's part of Content Policy.

Stakeholder engagement makes our Community Standards and Community Guidelines more detailed, nuanced and inclusive. It brings stakeholders more fully into the policy development process, introduces us to new perspectives, allows us to share our thinking on policy options and roots our policies in sources of knowledge and experience that go beyond Meta.

The Stakeholder Engagement team's main goal is to ensure that our policy development process is informed by the views of outside experts and the people who use Facebook and Instagram. We've developed specific practices and a structure for stakeholder engagement in the context of our standards, and we've expanded our work to cover additional policies, such as our Advertising Policies and major News Feed ranking changes.